<in elven>

Dear Erudima,

I’m sorry that I could not see you once more before we left. I thought it would be delightful to speak with you again, and talk more personally about what your dreams are, and what the adventuring life is truly like.  I will endeavor to tell you of the latter in this letter, so that you might have a better understanding of what is out there.

I spoke at our dinner of such romantic things as the many places we have been, the sites we have seen. I kept to the tales that might delight and make for good stories; like a bard embellishes what is of most interest rather than the whole of the truth.

I can imagine that you have much the same background I did – duty of ascending to the leadership of your people, feeling somewhat trapped by the circumstances, torn between love of your city and longing for your freedom and own view of the world. The whole of the world seems to carry more mystery and promise than the twisted streets one has known for so long.

The truth is that each of those romantic outside places contains dark things and great dangers. Sights I never wished to see in my life I have experienced on this journey. On an errand task for King of H’arun, we took a wrong magical door and found ourselves miles from the warfront up north, a land that hates elves. We had to evade whole armies of orcs and brigands, just to begin to head south again towards our goal.

We encountered many terrors: people so starving that they were killing other people and consuming them, the evils of the ruinstorms with rains that tear flesh from the bone, the darkness of the undead in the swamps of the Vestrille, desecrated temples, tortured people, the killing of mothers and children by orcs or magical means.

Now the whole of the world faces the orc armies, fighting them off.  It is difficult to get anywhere now. Even my own home of Tuatha is under siege, and Lesotho, only a short way from Mamban, fights off the armies daily.  The world is not what it used to be.

And that is part of another thing that I have learned on my travels.  That which you leave behind may not, most likely will not, be waiting for you if you return. Once you choose to leave your birthright behind, that right, and all those you love, may no longer remain when you return. Time changes all things, and not only will it change your home, but it will change you.

I think perhaps we do not appreciate that which we already have when we look to greener places.  Nor do we appreciate that the path of ascending to lead others can be just as rewarding as seeking adventure.

I wished I had considered such things before I left my home. While I do not believe that I know what is the right answer for you, I hope that I am able to at least provide some clarity regarding alternate paths. The path of “adventure” is just as hard as the path of the royal heiress, just in different ways.

You and your family have been quite kind to us while we visited, and I recognize all that your family does to maintain the ways of the Light in Mamban.  Please be careful no matter what you choose.  I am certain you will be a great Queen of the House Del Solarion of Mamban.  From what I’ve seen of Mamban, Queen of a Ruling House is as much an adventure as anything else!

Yours in light,

Minaethiel Ellethwen
(wax seal of the Princess of Tuatha)