Dear Diary

Music: The Passing of the Grey Company from the Lord of the Rings, Return of the King soundtrack.

*     *     *

Mina shut the door behind her.  Time to pack for the next leg of our journey with the Dragonsingers.

She couldn’t shake the feeling of sadness since interacting with the Enhathladi. Mina had done her best to disguise it with Torh and Illuminada.  Luckily, both of them were energetic, bright souls – allowing her to push back the ominous judgment by the stoic elves. Mina genuinely hoped to speak with Illuminada and Torh again. The Enhathladi – not as much.



Music: Samwise the Brave from The Two Towers soundtrack

*   *   *

Is it possible that Lash is the most trustworthy…person…in this whole scenario?

Mina walked from the discussion with Nurianna and Bardas towards her room. A decision had been made – they were leaving for the Dragonsingers’ quest as soon as she was done being presented to the Dark Folk tomorrow.


Music: Rebecca by Craig Armstrong from the Plunkett & Macleane soundtrack

The day after Arthion’s Coming of Age, Mina felt confused and despondent.  Not only were all of her friends now moved on to their adventures, but their moving on only highlighted her inability to join them. And to complicate her already painful feelings of loneliness and inevitability, the odd last farewell with Arthion may have destroyed the strongest friendship she had.  

Or she’d thought she’d had.


Music: The Forbidden Pool by Howard Shore from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Soundtrack.

Why am I so drawn to her? She was such a beautiful dancer, and I felt so alive and filled with joy.  There was something I was supposed to find through her, but what?

Mina lay in her bed, unreasonably irritated. Part of her knew that this anger was unusual, lacking sense. But something inside her irrationally stoked the fire.


I suddenly see how grains of sand can be pressed into glass.

Mina was using the headscarf as much as she could, but their increased rate of speed combined with the already powerful winds of the desert made the whipping sand feel like shards of broken glass against whatever skin was available.  She hadn’t brought gloves, and wrapping her hands in her cloak was not working as well as she’d hoped.


Music: Immensities from the Elizabeth: The Golden Age soundtrack by Craig Armstrong and AR Rahman

The marsh swamp sucked at her boots as they moved back towards the road. Its hollow sound echoed exactly how Mina felt…in over her head and in danger of sinking. 


Music: Broken Ice from the Orlando Soundtrack, by David Motion & Sally Potter & The Eagles from the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King soundtrack by Howard Shore

Mina bent over the marble tabletop, her forehead on her arms.

If it had just been studying ancient texts, she would not be so tired. But the hours spent in the Nondanas library resulted in so much information that was contrary to her understanding of the world that it taxed her immensely. Like reading alchemical scripts, she thought.

Mina’s mind felt widened, pressed upon its sides by the sheer immensity of all she had to consider.


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