Music: Rebecca by Craig Armstrong from the Plunkett & Macleane soundtrack

The day after Arthion’s Coming of Age, Mina felt confused and despondent.  Not only were all of her friends now moved on to their adventures, but their moving on only highlighted her inability to join them. And to complicate her already painful feelings of loneliness and inevitability, the odd last farewell with Arthion may have destroyed the strongest friendship she had.  

Or she’d thought she’d had.



Music:  The Ring from the Original Legend Soundtrack, National Philharmonic Orchestra

Arthion reached out his hand, and Mina grabbed it, hoisting herself up to the branch that was just out of her reach.  She dusted herself off and looked upward – there was still quite a ways to go.

“You going to make it?” Arthion smirked, leaning against the trunk.  They were far from Ilitheris now, possibly halfway to Ceridwe. They had run quite a distance, and then chose the tallest tree near them to climb. 


From the moment she entered the clearing, Mina felt honored to be invited to join them in their music and dance. Perhaps it was the effect Samira had upon her; there was something about this woman that called to her, something about her that caused Mina to want to dig in, like a good book, and find the plot wound within her sinuous movements.   It was if Mina was inches from discovering something, finding a hidden path that would lead her to something important, something she was missing.

There was no compulsion, but Mina felt she had to follow her, and to find this thread – regardless of what it might lead to.


Music: Decepticons from the Transformers soundtrack, by Steve Jablonsky or Gathering All the Na’vi Clans  (Avatar soundtrack)

For years, Mina had been attending the Wild Hunt on her birthday. It became a closing tradition for her and her family- Her father joined his people on the hunt, she aided her mother with the gourds, and once the Riders left, Verya and Mina returned home to await her father.

This year, however, Mina would be joining the Riders. As a druid initiate, it was customary to eventually take part in the ceremony, but Mina had expected some push back from her parents. However, both Verya and Callanon were supportive of the idea, and Mina counted the hours to the ceremony with a delight reminiscent of her first attendance. It was the perfect final celebration of her 145th birthday and recent initiation into the druidic path.



Mina turned towards her father in the hall and stamped her foot. “It’s my birthday! Why are you going?”


Music: Horseriding by Craig Armstrong and AR Rahman from the Elizabeth: The Golden Age soundtrack.

They had been walking for some time when Arthion cornered Mina in a small grove.  “Mina.  I have something to say.”

Mina looked up at Arthion, and her heart sank. His face was filled with the urgency of a man who believed his heart to be guiding him before a great change in his life.   She now feared that his recent talk of grand plans of the future would include this moment, would include her.


Vendethiel, Arandur, and Arthion were more than just rapier teammates – they were Mina’s friends.

“Minaethiel! You’re up against Arandur.”


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