The Singing Arrow of Gilmarin

(Tuathan children’s song, translated into common)



She lay there contemplating the changes inside her, the meaning of the sorcery now permanently in her life. Suddenly, Mina’s heart dropped from her chest, heavy and lonely. Thinking about the effects of sorcery upon her ascension to the throne, there was one aspect that hadn’t occurred to her yet.

The King. Not her father, but the unknown other half. Minaethiel Ellethwen would be Queen, her Tuathan husband would be King-consort, and their child would be heir to the throne.  These things were written, they were tradition.


Music: Destiny Theme by Craig Armstrong & AR Rahman from the Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Mina could feel it just within reach. Feel the power of the Source glittering just beneath her skin. It was an opportunity and a threat.

She knew this was sorcery, and while she partly felt illuminated and excited, another part of her ached to believe that it was not so.  So many secrets inside of me that no one knew. I am glad this one was so hidden, but I am fearful at what else will suddenly surface.

Truly, we are a combined result of what has created us and what has touched us in life.


Music: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children – Beyond the Wasteland

Each year, when the longest night is nigh, the Tuathan warriors, druids and rangers undertake the Wild Hunt.

During sunset, the elves gather in each of the great cities of the forests. There, a ceremony is held where arcane and divine magics are melded together to bless those undergoing the hunt – deemed The Riders. A ritual drink is prepared of berries, mosses and herbs that enhance the awareness and intertwine the thoughts of the Hunt.  A gourd is passed among the Riders.  This drink allows them to move as one hunt, one rider, one heartbeat…one flowing force of goodness from the wilds.


Music: The Grace of Undomiel by Howard Shore, Soundtrack of the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Artwork: Susan Seddon Boulet

In the  Arunidae Cycle (elven myths, legends, history and prophecy), it is written that the races of elves sprung from seven songs of creation.  The first four songs are the Songs of the Breath –  the blessings of the elven existence. There is no clear distinction as to who sang the first songs, although most elves believe it to be the Gods.The last three are the Songs of the Root, forming the three separate clans: The Tuatha, the Lumeril and Faradwen, as sung by their progenitors.


Music:  Flight to the Ford by Howard Shore, Soundtrack of the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.

As the first beacon ray of dawn seared through the casement, Maelwen opened her eyes and gazed upon Tinuvelfaer for what she knew would be the last time. He lay there curled up to the curve of her pregnant belly, lost in the Reverie to refresh himself before the last battle.  She swept a delicate finger across his brow, torn between fierce pride and depths of sorrow that threatened to drown her. He would lead Tuathans to victory and salvation.

He was the necessary sacrifice, beloved of Ketephys.