I need a place, a place where I can write my imaginings and all the stories that get mingled into the living that I vociferously do.  Some of these stories will be based on DnD characters, whereas others may not.

I left gaming for a long time, partially because it takes up too much of my brain.  But when I stopped gaming, I stopped writing poetry, stopped writing songs. Amazingly enough, it was getting back into music that got me back to gaming, and back to writing stories.  And telling them.

With a little help from The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.

It’s really all cyclical. Don’t deny the things you are. It’s futile, really. Why spend part of your life hindering yourself when you don’t have much time here anyway?

But now that I’m back, I need a venue, a place to put up the stories floating in my head. A place to let all of that fall onto a page, and not worry about what people think, not consider who might be reading.  Odd that I might choose a blog, but the blogosphere is comfortable to me, and there are a few people who MIGHT want to read, and I wouldn’t mind having it out there. This forum gives me some sense that there’s an audience other than myself.  *laughs*

So, some background on what will happen here:

I tend to write to music. I know, surprising.  I will most likely list the music I’m listening to so that you too can see what I’m seeing with the musical/emotional.  Perhaps, if I do this a lot, I’ll change the format to include the music in the post. We’ll see.  I’d have to learn CSS, and that just doesn’t feel like an important enough things to do with part of my life right now.

Themes may range from character development, history, mythology, and more. I can be gritty or very light-handed, depending on how I feel. In addition, you may see stubs of book/story ideas written out for myself.  Perhaps I’ll write those books someday, or perhaps someone else will think of them too.  Hopefully, I’ll get to a point where I’m writing the chapters here.  I gotta have SOME plan to fund my retirement, right? 

There may even be songs or song ideas that I toy with here. 

Please don’t steal my stuff – I really do plan on using it. If you are looking for inspiration, fine. If you are looking to do character art, go ahead.  In fact, I’d love to post other people’s work too.

There may be images included.  I do a search on the internet via Google image search. I’m going to try and at least give credit for images I display that I get from an actual artist.  But, that’s not really the focus of my blog here, and I may not take the time to do it.  Perhaps I’ll start to draw again…

…cyclical, it’s all cyclical.


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